The most efficient way to get better at listening is to practice on a daily basis. From now on, you should focus on listening to podcasts on the topics you like, follow some Youtube channels in English, watch movies and the news in English. The key to improving is REPETITION.

PTE Academic Writing section consists of two parts, “Summarize Written Text” and “Write essay”. Here are tips that will help you achieve a 79+ score.  

Summarize written text

In this task, you are expected to summarize a text within one sentence. Your answer should be between 5 and 75

PTE Listening can be very easy if you pay attention to all parts of test carefully! Here is the top 6 listening tips you should know to easily score 79+ at the PTE.  

Know your test!

It may surprised you but many people don’t know what to expect on the test day. There are 8 exercices that contribute to your listening score… yes, eight!
  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Multiple-choice, choose single answer
  • Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlight correct summary
  • Select Missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from Dictation
Make sure you practice all of them as each exercice is different from the others. Also, remember it’s a one-shot exercice. Unlike the reading or writing parts, you can listen only once to recordings. You miss it, you lose it.  

Listen actively

You are not listening to music here. Listen to the meaning of the conversation. Put yourself in the situation and anticipate what is coming. This is especially true for the Select Missing Word part where you have to complete the end of a sentence without hearing it. Write down keywords, repeated words, anything that seem relevant to the topic discussed. Prepare yourself by listening to talk shows on radio or podcast. Avoid the TV as you will get distracted easily.  

Is that even English?

Did you ever meet someone you don’t understand at all? What if it happens on your test day? There are so many different accents around the world. Don’t focus solely on British accent but other accents too, such as Australian, American, Irish (good luck with that..). Our PTE Academic app provides you with a large collection of recordings for you to practice.  

Don’t practice alone!

On your test day you will be in a room with other candidates… and they talk loud! You can be easily distracted by others and completely loose track of your own test. Studying quietly in your bedroom with no one around is good but not the best. Turn on the TV or the radio to recreate a background noise when you study. Or even the our app when you travel by bus or train on your way to work. This will get you prepared for the real test.  

Be aware of negative marking

In Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers section, you will loose mark if your answer is wrong. So, if you score 2 points for correct options, but score -2 for two incorrect options chosen, you will get 0 points for that particular question. Annoying, isn’t it? Make sure you master that section! Skim the answers before the recording even starts. Listen carefully for the keywords that match the answers. If you are not sure about one answer don’t select it.  

Watch the time

In summarize spoken text, you will hear the recording only once! Don’t try to write down the full speech. Instead, note the keywords (date, name, place) and keep listening actively to the conversation. Picture yourself in the situation. In this way, it will be easier for you to summarise what just happened. Then, speak with a constant flow and elaborate a little on your keywords without rushing at the end.   To perfect your listening skills and pass that PTE exam, the best thing to do is to download our app that focus on each section of the exam, including the listening sections. Get started now!

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